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When women support each other, magical things happen!

We are out here being badass Boss Ladies, and Mamas, just trying to balance it all.  Boss Ladies and Babies was created to support other women through their adventures in Motherhood while sharing our trials, tribulations, and tips along the way. We believe in keeping it real, celebrating the highs and laughing through the lows, and supporting each other through it all. 
As a small business owner, I have a passion for nurturing my entrepreneurial side and love to connect with others in building our careers. Balancing Boss Lady life and Motherhood is a challenge I gladly accept every day... and 3 years ago I decided to do it publicly on our Podcast and in our Boss Ladies and Babies community. Over the years, this space has evolved into something so special offering weekly podcast episodes, group and 1:1 coaching programs, courses, education, and more!  Whether you want to connect to feel more supported, need a reminder that you aren't going through it alone, or just to hear a "me too", follow us on our journey as we take it one day at a time, and work hard to serve and relate to the women in our community.



She's Bossy!

Megan is a dedicated and hard-working wife, mama to her 2-year-old daughter and fur babies, and loves everything that comes along with the Boss Mom life! She truly believes that you can do it all... you just have to figure out what "all" means for YOU... not to anyone else...  And it is her life's work is to help people do just that. She is a Realtor in WA state, the creator of The Brand YOU Strategy, and has built her career on the idea of "Keeping It Real". Megan's work has transitioned Boss Ladies and Babies from an idea to a safe space for women to come together and grow! She's created courses and systems to help you feel like they aren't in this thing alone! 

 Relaxing is not one of her skills, but when she's not mommin' or working, she loves running, writing rap songs, or binge-watching horrible reality TV.