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Becoming A Unicorn

Hey there business besties! If you own a business, great content, real connections, and real communication are those things that you’re always trying to create more of! Then you should check out this episode of the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast.

I was joined by content strategist queen and unicorn virtual assistant, Raewyn Sangari. Raewyn shares some of her content secrets on becoming a unicorn, and tips to make your content and communication more authentic, effective to stand out in the new year!

She had such valuable information to share with us - so let's dive right in but first a little bit more about Raewyn and her business.

Raewyn understands the importance of creating meaningful relationships with clients to ensure their projects are completed on time and within budget. As a content strategist, Raewyn is dedicated to helping her clients build trust and develop strong working relationships with those they work with.

She believes that when virtual assistants have a good understanding of their client's goals and objectives, they can better serve them, promoting increased client retention and referrals. Raewyn also has a course for VA’s called Unicorn VA Basics.

Her course focuses on the key communication techniques needed to build successful relationships with clients. She helps VAs become better listeners and understand how to interpret their client's needs as well as how to ask the right questions in order to help them create a long-term plan for success. Raewyn is passionate about equipping virtual assistants with the necessary tools they need to provide exceptional service while building lasting working relationships with their clients.

Key Points From This Episode:

-The inner workings of a VA and content strategist

-Effective and authentic communication

-Tips to find and create unique content for your business

-Making algorithms work for your content

-Why selling on social media is not social

Want to learn more about Raewyn, her business insights, or how to be a Boss Lady?

Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and check out all of our resources at Until next time, you've got this, mama's stay bossy.

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