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Boss Ladies and Babies Write a BOOK!

Have you heard the news?!?!? ... I'm sure you have so bear with us as we tell you again. If you haven't heard by now, we have something SO EXCITING TO SHARE!!!! Let me set the stage....

Several weeks ago we were invited onto the Millennial Wisdom Podcast. Guesting on other Podcasts is something we have been starting to get into, and a show all about millennials seemed really "on brand" for us. So, we get it scheduled and make our appearance on the other side of the mic for this podcast.... and I must say... we freaking nailed it!! So much so, that the host of the show (Jen Wisdom aka badass amazing woman making our dreams come true) told us how great it went. Now, as Podcast hosts ourselves, we know that feeling. When you finish an interview and your guest was fire, it's just hits different, ya' know? (that's what the kids are saying, right?)

But really, it is a good feeling... and WE were THOSE guests. Booyah!

So, Jen proceeds to tell us about a project she has called "The Millenial’s Guide" and invites us in. To be honest, we thought it was a blog or website feature and were extremely excited about the invite at this point while we frantically agreed while trying to play it cool.... but little did we know, The Millenial Guides are a BOOK SERIES!!! She invited us to CO-AUTHOR a BOOK for a legitimate BOOK SERIES sold in TARGET, AMAZON, KINDEL, etc etc!!!!

A few days later we get an email laying out the deets or our BOOK DEAL and we both about lost our damn minds! Becoming a published author is something both of our wildest dreams are made of... and getting to do this together, writing about something we are so passionate about and have built an entire platform around, just feels surreal. Like, really... someone pinch us!

It's the beginning of April and the contract has been signed. Mikki and I are co-authoring a book, with one other powerhouse boss mama, that will be all about Millennials balancing working with parenting. If you haven't checked out the Millennial’s Guide books, make sure you go see what they're all about! The format is super cool, and a great tool for millennials in all walks of life. We can't believe our unique insight and advice will be published on these same pages by the end of this year!

So stay tuned, because you already know we plan to bring you all along on this journey! We couldn't have done this without you, and your continued support means the world to us.

And, if you want to contribute to the book (because publishing costs ain't cheap and we could use all the help we can get) we are doing some fundraising to help cover our publishing fees, and have included our Venmo on our social platforms for donations -insert awkward shifting because asking for money is so strange and uncomfy-. We will also be looking for beta testers to read drafts of the book along the way before it's published. Any suggestions, ideas, or messages of support are highly appreciated.

Welp, I better go brush up on my writing skills...

Until next time, stay bossy!


Mikki and Megan

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