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Business BLAB- Consistency is Key

How To Stay Consistent

So you want to grow your business, but are struggling to gain momentum? You may have an issue with being consistent! Follow these tips to help get on track to show up for your audience! 

  • Determine your highest and best use of time! 

    • Nobody wants to feel like they are wasting time and like nothing has been accomplished at the end of the day. You may be spending time in parts of your biz that don’t need as much attention 

    • Go over your business structure and determine what you enjoy the most and what is bringing you the best return and most engagement, then commit to focusing on that! 

    • Outsource for the things you aren’t as skilled in/don’t enjoy as much. If you love what you’re doing it is easier to stay consistent.

  • Get your priorities in check! 

    • This is your wake up call to take a look at your priorities and get them in order! What is your WHY? What is your mission statement? Be sure that your business is still what makes you happy. 

    •  Make the time! We are all short on time as busy women, but if you want to stay consistent you need to commit to what you’ve decided to do! Wake up earlier, stay up later, don’t cut corners on your business. 

    • Work on time blocking and time management so that you have a realistic schedule of tasks.

  • Put it on paper or find an accountability partner 

    • If you commit to someone other than yourself, chances are you’re more likely to do the things.

  • Ask for help, it’s not easy to create habits in your business, but once you get started consistency will follow 

    • Get your systems in order

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Have a goal list, but scale back to what you can handle RIGHT NOW! You don’t have to do it all today. Make a plan for how and when you want to accomplish your goals 

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