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Business BLAB - Getting To Know YOUR Personal Brand

Ah, the art of a personal brand!

Making the decision to build your business around who you are, and leveraging the personal and emotional side of business.

I think you all know me by now, and you may be sick of me talking about the brand YOU…. but this is really what it’s all about! Being WHO you are! Because guess what? You already have a personal brand, whether you know it or not, so you might as well be intentional with how you work it! Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to take your personal brand and create the YOU we have all been waiting for!

Be kind to yourself! We all know that comparison game is rough, and we do it personally and professionally all the time. We may think we have a good idea of what our brand is/who we are… and then we see someone else showing up in a way that looks pretty and we completely lose track of what we are trying to do. You can admire someone else, but make sure you admire your brand too!

Take care of YOU so you can take care of your brand! If you’re running on E, it’s really hard to hide it from your audience. You may not notice the typos, missed opportunities, or lack of quality and consistency that your brand could be displayed when you’re pouring from an empty cup. It takes a toll on your business and surroundings when you aren’t taking care of yourself, and there is no hiding it! So, plan it into your business! MAKE TIME to take care of YOU! Your business and brand will thank you!

Be a human! All jokes aside, because of course, you’re a human…. This one is big. Remember that episode about being the vulnerable professional? This is what it’s all about! Your personal brand is personal and should remind others that you are a human being, just like them, who has good days and bad days, make mistakes, and is just out there doing your best. It’s ok to not be perfect, show a flaw or two, and embrace all the highs and lows that come along with humanity.

Incorporate the things you like into your business! Chances are, your business is built around the things you love! And I’d be willing to bet that some of the other things in your day-to-day life could fit into the general scope of what your business offers. You see, when you own your own business you choose to do it because of the passion you have. Let your passion for life seep into your business foundation. You’ll quickly become the person behind the brand, and the paths to relatability will grow!

Own your stuff! You know those things people know you like and always buy from you? Like owls, one day I liked something with an owl on it... And then for years people only bought me owl stuff. Anytime they saw a cutesy owl, they sent me a pic! My friends and family decked out my life with all things owl… because they knew I liked it and it made them think of me. The same thing happens with your personal brand. Your colors, fonts, branding words, logo, all these things start to become super recognizable and part of who you are. People will start seeing these things and thinking about you! Buying you stuff because it reminds them of you...and then, likely buying from you!

I could go on all day, but I will leave you with these to get started. There are studies on studies that show that being a human being and showcasing your personal brand will bring you more success! People will choose the person they know, like, and trust, and have things in common with over someone they don’t… even if the name is bigger… even if the prices are better… So, tell me… what does your personal brand say about you? Is it showing who you are? Are you showing up intentionally?... or just letting it happen!


Stay Bossy!

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