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Business BLAB- Goal Setting for 2021

Can you believe 2020 is wrapping up? It’s hard to believe it is the end of the year, and the thought of goal setting seems so foreign for the “new normal”. But, just because we may not know what is going to happen tomorrow, that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time and plan some goals that fit into our new lifestyles. The key here is being realistic and flexible! Here are some tips on how to start planning for 2021, because we have ALL had enough of 2020!

Goal setting during the pandemic-

Be realistic and flexible- Yes, we said this already, but if we have learned anything from 2020 it is that things will not always go as planned! Keep your mindset positive, but let that realist side peek in just in case you need to make a quick pivot. And maybe don’t write things in pen… just in case!

Have a backup plan- Normally, we would be spending these last weeks of the year fine-tuning one major plan for the epic year ahead… this year, less fine-tuning and more brainstorming! Make sure your goals have a plan b...and maybe even c… that can fit into various outcomes because (thanks for the reminder 2020), you never know what might happen!

Focus your goals on what you can control: Not everything we do is at the mercy of the state of the world. Figure out what areas of your life you have the most control over and center your goals around that.

Keep your mind open to the possibility that your goals may not be achieved at all… and that’s ok- If I had this mindset going into 2020 I would be a lot happier right now! 2020 was OUR YEAR! I know most of us had some huge goals and a “nothing can stop me” attitude. Challenge accepted… and it could happen again! So, yes you can still dream big, but go into it accepting that your dream may remain just that, a dream… for now!

Don’t compare your goals to anyone else’s- We talk about comparison a lot in this space, and quarantine life isn’t any different. We all know those people who just seem to be “doing quarantine right”, but we need to focus on what is reasonable, healthy, and manageable for ourselves moving forward. Your goals are just that, yours. Don’t worry about what that influencer or your co-worker’s plans are. Less focus on others, and more on you!

Break it down- Some of you may already do this, but breaking your goals into smaller chunks is a sure-fire way to keep them flexible. Map out your big year-long goals and your plan on how you will achieve them. Then break it down to your goals for each quarter, each month, then each week (and even daily if that’s your jam). Don’t forget to include that action plan on HOW you plan to achieve the goals.

Another helpful way to achieve goal success is to break your list of goals into small goals, medium goals, and big goals. This way you will know that, at the very least, your small goals will be reached and it will feel good!

Grow your mind- We all have those “pipe dreams” that we see happening years down the road. But, if you want some silver lining for all of this, just think about the possibilities you have now to work on growing your mind, take courses, learn new skills, etc. You can use this time to expedite some of these long term goals and achieve them sooner than you thought!

Review your priorities= This year has changed us all in more ways than we would like to talk about! Before you jump into your go-to goal list, really take some time and reflect on the person you are now. How have your priorities changed? What goals don’t seem as big now? What goals moved up a few notches? Make sure you are being super honest with yourself as you’re writing these goals, whether priorities have changed or not, and you’re guaranteed- at the very least- personal growth success!

Happy goal setting, 2021 can only go up from here!


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