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Business BLAB- How to #Hashtag

Hashtags are a super useful tool to build your audience and increase your visibility on social! As silly as they may seem, getting strategic with your hashtags is a quick and foolproof way to grow your presence. In this episode, we dive into our tricks for Instagram hashtags! Just stay consistent and follow the formula! 

Instagram has a Hashtag Limit of 30

Always use at least 15- 20 hashtags to increase your chances of being found 

Use as many hashtags as you can while being strategic and in reference to your business 

Hashtags over a million are too diluted with posts. Don’t use them! Your posts will get lost and only seen by spambots


Create your go to list of hashtags using this forums: 

3-5 Popular # 300,000 to 1 Million

3-5 Moderately Popular Hashtags 80,000 - 300,000

3-5 Niche-specific hashtags 

1-2 Branded hashtags

Stay consistent and change your last few hashtags to relate to your post. Be sure to engage with potential clients and audiences from hashtags depending on types of postings.

Happy hashtagging!


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