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Business BLAB - How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

You know what they say, first impression matter… and that isn’t any different for social media!

When someone stops by your platform, you have a matter of literally seconds to impress them or convince them to keep scrolling! And, one of the biggest mistakes that I see people making is NOT optimizing their bio in a way that will make viewers want more! Optimizing your bio is your chance to speak directly to the person you can help, tell them why they need your help, how you can help them, and then direct them to sign up or purchase the thing you offer to help them!

It can feel overwhelming, but you just have to go back to the basics!

So, grab your phone and pull out the ol’ bio! Let’s dust off the cobwebs and make it sparkle!

First things first, are you clear on who you are and what it is you do? Make sure you are very clear on your title, and what you do! Then practicing talking about it! Can you explain what you do confidently and in a few words? A lot of times, this can be more challenging than we think. Summing up your entire title in a few words can make even the most confident heads spin. But, picking a few of the right words will pack just as much power!

So that first line… WHO YOU ARE (your name/title)- This is the name field on Instagram, and it is separate from your user name! It gives you another chance to provide more detail on your business. Make sure that you are considering strong SEO words here. I highly recommend to put your service here, not just your name. Instagram is starting to act more and more like a search engine, so use this opportunity to get in front of more eyes!

WHAT YOU DO- This is your chance to tell the people exactly who you help and HOW you do that! You can really play on your ICA’s pain points here, and the special and totally unique to only you thing you can do to solve that problem. This is your grab! You want this line to blare like a flashing red light at the eyes of anyone who has the pain points you can fix!! Get clear on what you do and why you do is so well! (tip- be you! Show them who you are)

WHO YOU SERVE- So just in case your ICA was second guessing if what you do is for them, this is where you get to spell it out. Remove the questions by telling them exactly who it is you help! You’re going to need to be really clear on your target audience and ICA before you get to this part, so you might want to backtrack and do some research before moving forward with this one. If it isn’t extremely clear, it isn’t going to be truly optimized.

WHAT YOU OFFER- This is your call to action! Here is where you present the solution and direct them to what you do to solve the problem! Make it super easy for them to get to your offers by having everything in one place (like a linkree) so they don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops when they’re ready to do the thing you want them to!

Now put it all together! If you have space, throw in some emojis to make it sparkle, and you’ve got yourself a fully optimized (client-attracting) Instagram bio!

You can use this formula on other platforms as well! Just remember: Who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what you offer! Sounds simple, right?

If you need help getting clear on any of these questions, determining your ICA, or creating, or figuring out how to use your voice to stand out, make sure you check out The Brand You Strategy! Enrollment is opening at the end of this week!

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