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Business BLAB - Spring Clean Your Business

Spring has sprung, and our homes aren’t the only places that need some tidying up this time of year!

End of Q1, longer days, sunshine, and happiness… no better time than now to tidy up the biz!

The excitement for the new year is wearing off, and some of our ideas may have some cobwebs hanging around that could use some dusting, clutter may be piling up, and we might be feeling like we could use a little pep in our step!

Here are my favorite ways to clean up the ol’ biz this time of year:

Clean your digital space- This is literally the bain of my existence! In fact, I’m currently searching for a VA to helo me because it is not a strong skill of mine (see, outsourcing! Finding help so you can focus on what you’re good at!).... But, in the meantime… make sure your email, desktop, drive, files, etc are clean and organized. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean up that camera roll too while you’re at it!

Clean up your CRM- We all know how leads work, some are fire… but then there are the super cold ones who just sit in our database and never melt away. Now is a great time to take a temperature on all of your leads and clean out the ones that aren’t warming up. I like to send little notes at least every quarter, too. So while you’re in there, make sure you say hi!

Update bios/website copy- Are your bios consistent on social? What about your profile pics? Now is a great time to double-check and update! Also, comb through your website to see if anything has changed. You’ll thank me later!

Check your to-do list- Have you set up your “do, doing, done” board yet? If not, make that a priority! If you have, take some time to look at your projects and see if anything needs to be adjusted/updated.

Revisit your goals- We all went into this year with our goals being a little less cement than they usually are (unprecedented times and all- insert eye roll). Now is a good time to revisit that list. See what you’ve accomplished, what you haven’t yet, and tweak your goals according to how your year is going so far.

Clean up the office- Having a clean working space is important for a clear mind. I like to empty my entire desk this time of year and reorganize everything/ditch what I haven’t used. Same with my notebook and bookshelves. Make sure your office has some of your branding colors, and other things that make you happy to! And, if you’re like me you’re always losing things like pens and sticky notes… go ahead a do a little amazon shopping to restock your office essentials.

I’m all about a good spring clean, and these few steps will get your business squeaky clean and ready for anything!

Until next time, stay bossy!


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