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Business BLAB - The Scoop on Clubhouse

Have you heard the buzz about the new, invite only, app everyone (with an iphone) is talking about?

We decided to break it down this week for those of you enjoying it, having FOMO, or just wondering what the heck Clubhouse is!

So clubhouse is basically like a live/interactive podcast that cannot be recorded and is open to the world! When you get on the app there is a “hallway” of rooms happening that fit into your interests. People talk about all sorts of things from business to manifesting, social life, networking, and everything in between.

When you host a room, you are on “stage” as a moderator and can do this solo or with a group of others. Listeners come into your room to listen to you speak about the room topic, and you can invite people up on stage to ask questions or offer input. There is no obligation to go on stage, you can just hop around room to room listening to little golden nuggets of genius from experts in each field.

Since this isn’t recorded, speakers are really offering their BEST stuff for absolutely FREE! The amount of value and connection you get from this app is incredible.

You can also apply for and host your own club on clubhouse (almost like a channel). You can do all the room hosting in your club, or you can invite others to host their own rooms under your club name to grow.

All the connection is happening through instagram and twitter since clubhouse doesn’t have a DM system, so you want to make sure you have one of those platforms up a running.

It’s still in beta testing now, and is only available for iphone users, but is growing quickly!

So here are a few tips to remember for when you get on the app so you can make the most out of it:

Get your bio right- you have unlimited characters, and you really want the first 3 lines to stand out and grab people/be clear on your profession

Mute your mic when you get on stage- When you get on stage your mic does not auto-mute! Make sure you save yourself some embarrassment by pressing mute right away.

Give a few mins for people to see your room- When you start a room, don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit for people to show up. Just take some deep breathes and be patient. You can also ping people into your rooms and invite anyone in your room to do the same.

Make sure that your room will connect with your target audience- Your room doesn’t have to be a giant sales pitch, but it should connect with your ICA. Make sure you are bringing value to the right people, and save your breath pitching. The value will bring you, customers.

Create room inside larger clubs- Find clubs that fit into your niche and reach out to host a room. You will get mass exposure to their entire audience!

Don’t question your value, you will be able to help people with your knowledge- Even though we can’t see each other, imposter syndrome can really start to get to you on this app. Everyone is speaking as an expert… but remember that you are too! Don’t second guess what you have to offer or compare it to what others are saying. Be open to learning, but stay true to who you are and your message.

Don’t just wait for your turn to talk- We all love to hear ourselves talk, and clubhouse makes it possible for us to have the stage! But, don’t let your excitement for sharing get in the way of the major value you can gain in this space. Make sure you listen and soak in as much as possible from others in the room. The growth here is endless if you show up!

Go in with a connection mindset, not just for a sale- Every time I speak on this app I gain a new dm with someone that I really connected with… But I’m not just pitching myself. I’m providing value, being honest, and truly looking for people I can connect with. Yes, there are times I get to pitch myself and it helps, but back up your pitch by being awesome and you’ll get the most success for this app.

Set some boundaries- There is A LOT of amazing stuff happening on this app, and it can become really overwhelming. The fear of missing FREE INFO can aid in a quick addiction, but make sure you don’t let it take over your life. Try to look for rooms that you can either grow/learn from or add value to, and skip the rest. The smaller rooms really can be a good place to hang out to get more attention and grow stronger connections.

Hope this help! See you in da club!


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