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Email Marketing Must Haves

If you listened to the episode about the importance of an email list, you heard my excitement as I decided to start working on growing my list! Since then, we had an email expert come on our podcast for a full length episode about email marketing… make sure you go back and check that one out to hear from a pro!

Email marketing is a beast! I thought it was going to be pretty easy, and as I get my systems in place it is starting to get a little easier. But, phew, getting going is tricky. Here are some of the things I’m learning as I go, and hopefully you can incorporate these into your email marketing plan if you aren't already!

Create strategy- Ok, you decided to go all in on your email list, but now what? Creating a solid and consistent email strategy will help you keep things organized and on track. You know how much we love consistency over here, and your audience does, too. So, maybe you want to send weekly emails, but know that there is no way you will be able to make that happen… don’t. It really is about quality over quantity, so if that means showing up less with more intentional content, create a strategy around that!

Lead with value- When you’re communicating with your email audience, it is still crucial to grow that like, know, trust factor. This means you can’t just start throwing pitches or marketing emails their way as soon as they hit your list. You want to warm them up and show them how valuable and knowledgeable you are. Give your audience a reason to trust you by providing them with value! Tips and tricks, your favorite resources, freebies as a thank you, whatever you can bring to the table, bring it. The more value you provide to your list, the more likely they are to choose you when it’s time to buy.

Share your story- Our stories are what make us unique, and if you can incorporate your stories into relatable pieces of your marketing plan, you’re setting yourself up to win. People want to relate to other people, you hear me talk about this all the time… and that is because it is the most powerful thing you can do for your business. So, start creating a story log of the things happening to you that you can use to create an impact in your business. That you can use to grow connections. That you can use to make someone say “me too”. No one else can tell your story, and that is what will always set you apart!

What to include- Do you have your own blog, or a blog that inspires you? What about a podcast, or recent interview they can listen to? Have you been featured in anything lately? Share it in your emails! This is that value I’m talking about. You get to provide resources with your audience that will make their life easier… talk about kicking butt as a boss lady and showing them you’re full of knowledge and resources. Hello trust!

Leave them with something to think about- You want your emails to grab people's attention and leave them excited for the next one, right? A great way to do this is to leave them with something to think about. Maybe a quote that inspires you, or a question to think about that they can look forward to the answer to in your next email. Last time we talked about leaving them with a call to action, which is also important, but really try to leave them with something that gets them thinking a little deeper.

Ok, so that’s what I’ve got so far… I am by no means an email expert, and am learning every day as I work to grow my list. It’s been really fun getting out of my comfort zone and creating content in a new way. My list is starting to grow, and I’m working hard to get my strategy locked down so I can just keep showing up for my audience. How’s your email list going? Are you on mine yet? Let me know at and grab a freebie and spot on my list from my insta bio @itsmegangillespie

Until next time, stay bossy!

xo, Megan

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