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Empower Your Business

Welcome back to the BLAB Blog!

Now, we've been talking a lot about feeling empowered as a woman this month. As we round out Women's History month, I wanted to take some time to think about how we can feel super empowered in our businesses too. As female founders. Running your business and being a CEO is a pretty awesome position!

We have a lot of power, even if we don't realize or reflect on it. We are so used to the grind that we forget how badass we really are. So I think it's really important that we take some time to celebrate this and remember that we are amazing.

What makes you feel empowered in your business?

I'm going to share a few things that stand out for me and I'd love to hear if any of this resonates and inspires you.

Create Something New

First thing that makes me feel super empowered is creating something new. There is nothing like the feeling of putting together something new. The creativity, the passion, the heart and soul that goes into it. It's something really special and it's something we take for granted as business owners because it feels normal to many of us.

But do you realize how powerful it is to create anything? Just the act of creating anything and then to actually put it out there into the world. This isn't something that just everybody does. It's vulnerable, it's intimidating. It can be overwhelming, and yet, we show up and we do it. Whether it's a new piece of content, a course, a product, a blog post, a podcast episode, an Instagram story- be proud! You've created something for your business, and that right there is pretty powerful.


Another thing that makes me feel super powerful in my business is outsourcing. Now, outsourcing was a longtime goal of mine, but something that I honestly struggled with because you've heard me say this before, but I'm a bit of a control freak and I love to have my hands in everything.

But there came a point where I knew I was holding myself back by trying to do it all on my own, making the decision to outsource things from my. Has been such a breath of fresh air and has made me feel so empowered to work together with some very talented women that I trust a hundred percent and continue to grow and build my business to the next level.

I've outsourced things in my home and personal life for years, but taking the step in my business made me feel like a total badass!

Rate Increases

Another one is raising prices. Now, money mindset is something that we need to do a whole episode or a whole series of episodes on because it is a major block for so many of us. I venture to say all of us at some point or another have had a block with money mindset, and it's scary enough to put yourself out there and.

Anything you've created, but it's even scarier to put that out there and then ask people to give you money for it, especially if the number you're asking for scares you a little bit. But spending some time to see your value, your worth, and to make the choice to charge what you're actually worth is huge and so empowering.

Not only does a move like that grow your business, but it will 10x your confidence too.


Being consistent in anything over an extended period of time is hard freaking work. And something my coach always says is that you don't have to be the best at what you do.

You just have to be the most consistent. And oh my gosh, does that resonate? It really drives home how powerful consistency is. And if you're like me, I am an instant gratification kind of girl. I feel like we all are these days. That's just the way our brains work now, and I have a really bad habit of throwing something out there and wanting instant results.

And when that doesn't happen, then I tend to move on and feel like, okay, it's not working before I even give it a real chance to thrive. Are you with me on that? I bet many of you are, but this year I've actually made a commitment to myself that above anything else, I'm going to show up and be consistent in my business.

Every single day I've created working hours for myself that I can actually stick to. I've created a plan for my days and that keeps me consistent without overwhelming myself, and I've got a great group of women surrounding me to help keep me accountable. Just the act of setting this all up has already left me feeling super empowered, and every day I stick to the plan.

I feel stronger and stronger. And the last thing that's making me feel super empowered in my business right now is sharing what I do.

Tell Your Story

How often do you actually tell people what you do for work? And I don't mean on social media, I'm talking about out there in the real world. Do you tell the other moms at school, pick up what you're working on?

When the grocery store clerk at Trader Joe's, you know the place where they're always so friendly and will ask you this question, asks you what you're doing for a living. Do you. Specific, or do you just kind of brush it off as small talk and go back to what you were doing? The more you speak up and share about your passion for your work, the more empowered you are going to feel, because people will see that sparkle in your eyes and they'll be so impressed by you, and they should be because you're pretty awesome.

So how do you feel empowered in your business? Let me know. Send me a message at Megan Boss ladies and and until next time, stay bossy.

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