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Female Founder With Sarah Peck

Welcome back to the Boss Ladies and Babies Blog. On a recent episode of the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast, I talked to Sarah K Peck. She is the founder and CEO of Startup Parent and the host of The Startup Parent Podcast, an award-winning podcast featuring women in entrepreneurship, business, and parenting. She writes about work, culture, and parenting, and her work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and more.

Key Points:

  • How to do less & streamline your business

  • How to do half as much in your business and the process for figuring out what's first

  • What it's like to be a female founder and why you need to build community around you

  • A super secret trick on how to make parent friends

Aside from all the business things that I mentioned about Sarah already, she also is a mom of two and works really hard when it comes to her business life and her mom life.

A topic that Sarah is passionate about is streamlining your business so not everything is coming at you at once. Creating sustainable practices that can empower you. She says that the wisdom in parenthood is understanding that change is inevitable and being able to accept that. How inspiring is that?

We also dove into not comparing ourselves to others. It's easier said than done but Sarah mentions that it is good to remember that everyone’s life and circumstances are different. No two journeys are going to be the same. Focus your time on things that matter.

Sarah also mentions a great resource at where she has a book called “Do Half”. Seriously go check it out! It's all about her three-part strategy to get a handle on your time and plan your workload.

We as boss ladies still need to factor in vacations, sick time, sick time for our kids, appointments and more! Go get that valuable resource now!

Another topic we dove into is social media and taking breaks. Easier said than done, right? She suggests using it for connection vs consumption. So reaching out through DM’s, actively engaging versus just scrolling.

A huge moment for me in this podcast was Sarah mentioning the concept of knowing what you don’t do. Our brains are programmed to focus on what we do but flipping the switch and figuring out what you don’t do is also freeing. For example, Sarah stated that someone she knows doesn’t fold laundry. She sorts the laundry and everyone in the family gets their basket. What they do with it after that is on them. Something so simple! If something wastes your time and stresses you out, find a way to not do it that works with your life.

Sarah was dropping amazing information all over this podcast but I asked her to mention some tips she had for people who are feeling alone and want to make connections with people. First she mentioned that we should be willing to show our imperfections and accept the help of others. As women, our natural state is to put out a perfect picture and decline help because we don’t want to bother people. The problem, it's lonely! So her suggestion is to say “yes” to people who are authentic and maintain your boundaries. It’s best for all involved.

This was such an amazing podcast and I highly recommend you give it a listen. Sarah was able to give such valuable content!

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