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Mommin' Ain't Easy in 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Ok mamas, let's get real here... 2020 freaking sucks! At first, the whole "we are all in this together" mindset felt pretty good, but now it just feels like a harsh reminder that literally NO ONE is ok! We talk a lot about the mama's mental load in this space, and in normal times, that is an impossible weight for one woman to carry alone... and now you add this?!? Funny joke, but can we go back now, please?

So in case you needed one today, this is your reminder that you are a badass and we see you doing your best! Today, your best might be not showering and feeding your children snacks for all their meals so you can catch up on emails, your shows, a nap, or just breathe in peace. Today, your best might be checking everything off your to-do list but still feeling extra anxious about everything. Today, your best might be raising your voice one too many times at your kid and starting a fight with your partner for chewing too loud. Today, your best might be feeling like a superwoman and then quickly feeling guilty for having a positive moment in a year that is so bad. No matter what your "best" looks like today, you are showing up and doing the thing! There isn't much more that can be asked of you, and you deserve a moment to feel proud.

Yes, we are all in this together, and there might not be an end in sight... but you know what they say, misery loves company. So let's sit in this mess together and share our highs, laugh through our lows, and teach our children how to be resilient! Mommin' ain't easy, and it shouldn't have to be.


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