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My Top 10 Trend Predictions for Business in 2023: Collaboration

So, where are you finding these collabs? Networking is the answer and not the stuffy- “I'm gonna need a glass of wine to get through this” kind of networking, but the kind that you can't wait to do because it's so fun. Put yourself out there and focus on making real friendships and real relationships when you're showing up to network.

This is going to make networking feel more natural and be the most impactful for you personally and professionally. Going into networking with a casual approach and an open mind is going to get you in front of people who you may have never met otherwise and really help you build some quality friendships.

Collaborate and Support

I used to be one of those people who hated networking, like I dreaded it.

I would hardly ever do it. But when I shifted my mindset on networking and really looked at it as showing up to make relationships, not showing up to sell what it is that I have to offer, everything changed for me and I have really gone all in on the idea of a casual approach to networking, and it has made things so much easier, so much less pressure!

Also, you want to really focus on giving more than you take. Now when you partner up with your competition, it's imperative to give more than you take. You want to come from a place of serving, and I promise the benefits are going to follow. Think about how you can support your new friend and support her business.

What are some of the ways you can partner up that's going to serve both of you? What resource can you be for your new friend? If you both are truly collaborating, she is going to do the same for you. So really think about how you can give, give, give, give, give, and in return you'll get some of that take back, and most likely she's going to do the same with you.

That's really going to create that win-win situation. Next is to offer value. Now collaborating is so much fun because you get a chance to get in front of another audience. Possibly full of your ideal customers. So put on the charm and step into your role as an expert. Offer value and connect with people.

Show Up with Value

I want to show my ideal audience what I can give them.

I want to serve them and not from a place of “I need to make a sale” but from a place of purely showing up. You want to give- show off what you know, flex your knowledge, share the things you have to offer that can truly make an impact. And this can be done by teaming up for a “live”, speaking on a podcast, a guest training, sharing a blog post and more!

You have a chance to flex your knowledge when you do any of these things, so make sure that you. The next one is to be you. Now, we've touched on this a little bit already, but people are going to choose to work with you because you are you. So let them see who you are.

The more “you” you can be, the better your chance of sparking someone's interest on a deeper human level is going to be.

And remember, people want to buy from people. People want to support other humans that they can find common ground with. Your collaborator might not be able to share that valuable human connection piece with her entire audience. And there may be someone in her audience waiting to find someone like you that they connect with on a deeper level.

So, just showing up and being you is going to make it really easy because you just get to be yourself and it's also going to make it the most valuable for you.

Abundance Mindset

The last tip I want to mention today is an abundance mindset. There really is enough business to go around, I promise you. There really is. And the more you put yourself out there and start collaborating, you'll truly realize that.

And when your mindset comes from a place of abundance, you will start comparing yourself to your competitors less often, and you'll really lean into the power of collaborating and supporting one another rather than living in a scarcity mindset where you feel like there's not enough business to go around and I need to do better than my competition because there isn't enough out there.

You've got to ditch that mindset and lean into that abundance mindset, and you will notice a tangible difference. Nearly right away. So how are you putting yourself out there to collaborate this year? Let me know. Send me a message at and until next time, stay bossy.

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