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Spring Cleaning Your Business

Welcome back to the BLAB Blog!

Spring has sprung, our homes aren't the only places that need some tidying up this time of year, and I love, love, love talking about spring cleaning our businesses.

The excitement of the new year is wearing off. Some of our ideas might have some cobwebs hanging around that could use a little dusting clutter might be starting to pile up around us, and we might be feeling like we could use a little pep in our step. So here are some of my favorite ways to clean up the old business this time of year.

Your Digital Space

Let's talk about spring cleaning your business. The first thing I always love to look at is my digital space. This is literally the bane of my existence. I have suffered four years trying to keep my digital space organized because I just don't have the time or capacity to sit down and do it, but it's something that I have been working with a virtual assistant on to help me get this cleaned because I truly believe in the power of outsourcing.

Focusing on things that you enjoy doing and finding someone to help you with the things that you don't enjoy doing or aren't good at- am I right? And so that's something that I finally have been able to get some help with. But you can really look at your email, your desktop, your Google Drive, your files.

Everything that is digital in your business can be cleaned up, tidied and organized, and it also wouldn't be a bad idea this time of year to look at your camera roll while you're at it and get that cleaned up too. Another thing that I have a really hard time keeping organized, so all that digital space.

Client Relationship Management Tool

The next one is to clean up your CRM. We all know how leads work. Some are fire, and then there's those super cold ones who just sit in your database and they never melt away. So now is a really good time to take a temperature on all of your leads and clean out the ones that aren't warming up. I like to send little notes at least every quarter too.

So while you're there, make sure that you're finding a way to pop in and say hi, and check in with your best leads or your best customers is just a really good way to add that personal touch. Get rid of anybody who isn't going to turn into a client and spend some time sharing some love with the people who are.

Your Bios and Profiles

Next is to take a look at your bios and your website copy, and do any edits that you need to on that. Are all of your bios consistent on social media? What about your profile pictures? Looking for consistency through your brand across all of your platforms. Now is a really good time to double check that and update it, and then also comb through your website to see if anything has changed.

Are your offers different? Are your prices different? Has your messaging changed? What needs to be edited or updated on your website? Do you have new photos? Just this is the time to sit there and do the work that you keep putting off. You will thank me later. Now is the time. Then check your to-do list.

Have you set up a to-do board yet? If not, make sure that's a priority. I've talked about that a lot on the show over the years, and if you have, take some time to look at this board and see what projects, if any, need to be adjusted or updated or completely removed.


Then revisit your goals. We all go into the new year with our goals, and sometimes those goals can get a little bit, well, rocky in that first quarter of the year. Maybe we'll make some pivots. Maybe things happen that were unexpected, like you had more business or less business, and your goals need to be adjusted.

While you're already sitting down and spring cleaning your business, this is a really good time to check in to see how your year is going so far. You can review and adjust your goals.

Office Space

Another one I love to do this time of year is cleaning up your office, because having a clean working space is so important to have a clear mind. I like to empty my entire desk out this time of year and reorganize everything and ditch and get rid of anything that I haven't used. Same with my notebooks and my bookshelves. Make sure that your office has some of your branding colors and other things in it that make you happy. And if you're like me, You're always losing things like your pens and your sticky notes, and so now is a really good time to do a little shopping on Amazon and restock your office full of essentials as well.

Now I am all about a good spring clean up! I hope these steps are going to set you up going into the season, feeling refreshed, organized, light, and like you can take on anything in your business. So let me know if this is something that you have practiced. Please send me a message at and until next time, stay bossy.

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