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The Power of Co-working

Benefits of Co-Working

Co-working can be an amazing tool for your business, and can help you break through to the next level. I never understood the true magic of co-working until I tried it myself… and now I’m addicted. I was always worried that it would be too distracting or that I would rather socialize than get focused work done, but in reality, I’ve never felt more focused than when I’m working next to my business bestie. So, how and why should you co-work and become the most productive you? Let me tell you what I’ve found:

Find your biz bestie- You have your besties, and then you have your BIZ besties. And as much as you love all the besties, you can’t cowork with all of them. Usually, you’ll know your BIZ bestie because they are someone as motivated as you are. Someone like minded with a similar work ethic, and someone who supports you and all of your crazy ideas. Maybe she tells you if your ideas are getting too crazy, or pushes you to go bigger... that’s the one you want to co-work with. That is how the magic happens!

Bring the creativity- Your co-working session is THE place to test out a new idea you’ve been mulling over. Don’t be afraid to talk through your big business dreams and map out the steps it would take to get to where you want to be. Your BIZ besties will do the same, and the power of collaboration will help you both push your ideas to the next level. You may have a similar mindset, but your brains aren’t identical, so the more your collab the more those creative juices start flowing and big ideas start to come together.

Overcome obstacles together- Nothing helps you get unstuck quiet like talking things out in a safe space. When they say two heads are better than one, this is proof! Your bestie can help you think outside of the box and see pieces of the puzzle that have been hidden, and may have a handful of tools or referrals that you haven’t tried yet. Another perspective is also really powerful when it comes to those walls we hit, so don’t be surprised if your obstacles start to disappear once you start co-working.

Batch/create content- One of my favorite parts of co-working is batch creating content. Photo safaris, recording videos, playing photographer, it’s all so much fun! In fact, my last coworking session involved us shutting down the starbucks patio to create tiktoks with the drive through audience cheering us on! It was hilarious, and so cool that that is what I call “working”. And even though we were rolling with laughter, we walked away feeling super productive with tons of great content to use for the future.

Laughter helps with brain blocks- Speaking of laughter, it is great to help with a creative block! Step away from your computer and have a little fun. You can still call it work, but don’t be afraid to get silly. As long as you can reel it back in when inspiration hits.

Have a list/plan ahead of time- If you’re worried about the fun part taking over your session and getting in the way of productivity, come prepared to your co-working sesh with a list of things you need to get done. Then, at the beginning, each of you list out what your priority tasks are for the day. Doing this sets the tone that you both mean business, and you can plan accordingly to make sure both of your priority tasks are addressed and you can help each other on the most important stuff first!

Feed into each other's strengths- No, you’re not giving away your work for free, but we each have special talents in our business. And it’s amazing to have a community of women with different strengths. My biz bestie is one of the most creative and crafty people I know. And that is just not my thing. I consider myself a creative person, but it is more in the writing and idea realm, whereas she can make basically anything from scratch. And her strengths and ideas have helped my business a ton! I’d like to say my organization, problem solving, and type A mind have helped her business, too. And it's a great feeling to help and watch your friends succeed.

This is just skimming the surface when it comes to the benefits of co-working! It has quickly become one of my favorite ways to get work done… and gives me an excuse to hang with friends while also feeling super productive. Who doesn't want that!

Have you tried co-working yet? I want to hear about your coworking stories and know who your business bestie is at

Until next time, stay bossy!

xo, Megan

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