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The Power of Networking with Inbal Claudio

Welcome back to the BLAB Blog!

I am so excited about a recent guest on the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast, Inbal Claudio. She was born in Israel, and aside from a 4-year stint in North Carolina has spent the majority of her life in Southern California where she currently lives with her husband, 2 little daughters, as well as baby number 3 due shortly.

As a candle maker turned tech founder, her passion for networking with women entrepreneurs has led her to create Like Minded Collective, a social media platform for Female Founders. Her mission is to make every woman entrepreneur at any stage of business know that they matter!

Topics covered during the podcast include; networking, influencer marketing, juggling mom life & business life while having a husband that leaves for weeks at a time, building a tech business with zero tech experience, starting multiple businesses while having babies and planning to have more.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The journey of starting a tech business with no tech experience

  • Highs and lows of starting multiple businesses with babies at home

  • Business and motherhood as a solo parent

  • The importance of building community for your business

  • How networking can impact your life and business

Inbal started her journey with her candle company, Goldwick Candles. After having her first child, she needed something more online-based.

She saw a gap in the business world for early-stage entrepreneurs on a budget. There are so many options out there like coaches, agencies, and masterminds but they tend to cost a lot and there are no guarantees.

She wanted to create a space for women to have resources and build relationships with those in her network and community. Her vision was a place where you can build genuine connections with people and then it leads to business growth. She believes it really starts with building genuine community.

Her community embraces the whole person. “Come as you are.” This really resonated with me because Boss Ladies and Babies Headquarters shares this philosophy. Inbal and I have both created communities that celebrate the whole person, mom, entrepreneur, and beyond.

Next we dove into starting multiple businesses with multiple kids at home. When she first started Like Minded Collective, her first daughter was only 3 months old. There was no routine or nap schedule to schedule calls. Navigating schedules, plans, and changes to those plans are more difficult. She loves involving her oldest in whatever she can, she specifically likes helping with the candle company.

We also dove into how you need to give yourself grace both as entrepreneurs and moms. “If your ‘why’ is strong enough- you can do it!” At the end of the day, you can be successful as both if they are your calling.

The biggest part of our conversion related to the topic of networking. When Inbal started networking, she was truly just trying to make authentic connections with people. She wasn’t selling, she was listening to those around her and learning.

Find out more about Inbal, Like-Minded Collective, and networking by listening to the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast.

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