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Traveling with Children with Marissa Petersen

A recent guest of the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast is a travel writer who writes about Pacific Northwest getaways, hiking tips, and travel with kids. Something that we could all use a little help with!! She also have an SEO course to help other business owners, which again, is something that we could all use a little help in #amiright

I was so excited to pick Marissa’s brain and learn about all things travel and more.


- How traveling with kids can enrich your life and experiences

- Why having children shouldn’t stop you from exploring

- How COVID impacted the travel business

- Tips for traveling with children

- How to feel comfortable traveling post COVID

- Best spots in the PNW

- What is SEO and how to make it work for your business

I’m just going to say it- Marissa is a badass! Traveling with kids is no joke! We discussed how she got into travel writing, and how experiences of traveling with kids shaped her business.

She is a blogger, check out Postcards to Seattle and Wander Around Ireland. Marissa knew that she loved traveling and wanted to experience more explorations. It all started when she and her husband traveled to Europe for their honeymoon, which ended in Ireland. She has multiple connections to Ireland and is even a dual citizen. Eventually, she learned how to turn her passion into a business. Isn’t that the goal for all of us?

It wasn’t an easy road though. Marissa was clear that she worked on her business after her regular job because she was determined to make her passion her career. It was a lot of long hours and networking in order to learn more about monetizing her blog.

But let’s get into the main topic here! Traveling with kids!

Marissa shares that her blog and social media tips are very different now that she is traveling with kids. She now mentions kid-friendly restaurants, activities, and other tips that she has learned along the way. Not every blog is related to these topics but she feels it is important information to share for those who are traveling with their kids.

The big adjustment for Marissa when it came to traveling actually was when she went from one to two kids. She said it really surprised her. Covid also had a hand in this. In general, her and her family were traveling less during that time. So getting back in the habit was stressful but also felt exciting.

One of her biggest tips was to create a flexible and realistic plan for your trip. Maybe have a goal to see 3 things versus 10. Also to include the kids in the planning. Her oldest will see a park that he wants to go to and she has had to shift her mindset. She said that has been huge for the success of their trips.

Other tips that she mentioned is try to stay at something like an Airbnb vs a hotel for privacy. It is nice to have access to a kitchen and just to be able to spread out. Her other big tip- snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

Overall, Marissa shared great tips and stories from her lived experiences as a travel blogger who now involves her kids! Check out Marissa’s episode of the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast to learn more about her and her adventures.

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