• Megan

Are You a Boss Lady?

Boss Ladies and Babies, it has a nice ring to it, right?

We think so too! But, there is one thing we want to clear up... who and what exactly is a Boss Lady? It might not be what you think!

In our community we focus on using our own personal lives as a way to connect, relate, and add value to woman all over. We are both mamas, and enterpernaurs, and wives, and daughters, and friends, and so much more, and that is who we want to surround ourselves with. We have built this community with the pretense of everyone is welcome. Babies, no babies... working or stay at home... basically if you are a living breathing woman, you are a Boss Lady in our eyes!

There have been so many times that we have reached out to women to join us for an episode or a #momcrushmonday and get the response of "well, what makes me a boss lady?" or "I'm not really a boss lady, I'm just a mom", and these types of responses make my heart sick. The amount of accomplishments we achieve just by BEING women makes us bossy! You don't have to own a business, or be some high level career woman (though we love this type of Boss too) to carry the title of Boss Lady. You just have to!

So before you decided to keep scrolling because you don't think you're a "boss lady", take a peek at what we are creating here. Remind yourself that YOU are a boss, YOU are amazing, and YOU are doing great things, even if doesn't always feel that way. Boss Ladies and Babies would never have come to be if we let our doubts creep in, and it wouldn't be where it is now without the amazing woman that are all in this together.

Until next time, stay bossy!


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