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What the Instagram Changes Mean for Your Business

Phew, have you heard the news? We were on our podcast break when this news dropped, and I knew I needed to do an episode about what happened… ICYMI or if you have questions, keep listening because I’m about to break it down. What happened, why you should care, what it means for your strategy, and what the heck you do now!

So basically, Adam Mosseri the Chief of Insta, announced that Insta is “no longer a square photo sharing app”.... And we are all shookith. He went on to say that people are mostly using the gram to be entertained, and video is clearly taking the lead when it comes to entertainment. He cited competition from TikTok and Youtube as a reason for the change, and basically reiterates what we all knew… the times they are a changin’. I heard someone say that Instagram has imposter syndrome, and I kind of agree. The simplicity of the photo sharing on this platform has grown it to what it is today, but of course trends change. People’s wants and needs change, and it makes sense to want to “keep up”. Adam did come back out and tweet that he mean to say “we’re not *just* a photo sharing app” anymore… so let’s take a collective exhale because our whole Insta lives are not being cancelled… just shook up a little.

So what does this all mean for you and your Insta strategy? … it’s up to you! You can absolutely keep doing your thang and post your static photos. You may also want to get creative with carousel posts, and stories. But the biggest change, and I’ve been telling you this for a while, is getting comfy with the video options… and especially reels! No matter what you decide to do, you will start to see some changes! Insta is going to be embracing videos like never before, so here is how you can pivot to keep up.

Mix up your strategy- But don’t overthink it! Your content pillars, posting schedule, and engagement efforts can all stay the same. A big priority is still going to be consistency, so keeping things simple and workable for your schedule are still #1. The only change will be to add in things like reels, stories, and IGTV.

Don’t stop posting photos- You can still post your photos! Just make sure to incorporate the other features, too.

Lean into video- If you’re new to video, take some time doing research and seeing what is working for other people. Video is a master connector, and it is no longer optional. It is time to take the leap, get your face in front of that screen, and show the world how great you are!

Stay true to your message- Your message is going to continue to drive your content. And really, incorporating video into your strategy will help strengthen your message and reach. So, when all else feels, remember what your driving force is. Go back to your foundation, and start working on creative ways to show up and show off your message.

Get comfy with short format video - This it yall, reels aren’t going anywhere. I’ll do a whole episode on reels soon, but just remember the 3 ways to use reels are to entertain, educate, and inspire. And no, you don’t have to dance!

Make a plan for new follower connection - The new algorithms will actually organically drive more new traffic to your page, especially reels! So start coming up with a strategy for connecting with your new potential audience.

So there you have it. The world isn’t ending, but it sure felt like it at first! You’ve gotta love Instagram… they always keep us on our toes. At the end of the day, you can use the platform however you want to use it! Afterall, social media is only a piece of our business, it’s not the whole thing. Do you, do what you feel good with, and be open to expanding when you’re ready.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

Are you still freaking out? Or starting to welcome and adapt? Let me know at

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