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... And Why I Decided to Pick Up the Mic

 Megan has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years, and has taken on all sorts of boss lady roles in her career. From managing businesses to owning them, and everything in between, to her favorite job of them all... Mama. When Megan was pregnant with her daughter, she was freaking out about how to continue to be the entrepreneurial boss lady she always had been, and the type of mama she dreamed to be... and she knew that she couldn't be the only woman that felt this way! But at the time, no one was talking about it. So what better way to commiserate and relate than on a Podcast for anybody who is willing to listen to hear?!? Brought to you by liquid courage and an iPhone, the Podcast was established in November of 2018 (when Megan's daughter was only a couple months old) and has inspired a community of women that continues to grow in ways Megan never thought possible. 4 years and another baby later, Megan believes more than ever that we can do a lot on our own, but what we can do together is truly inspiring (insert cheesy grin... but it is so true)! This is so much more than just a Podcast! 

Tune in weekly for our Business BLAB minisodes, where Megan covers her favorite tools and tips to help you slay your business, and for our full-length episodes, where Megan interviews inspiring guests who get real on all things motherhood.

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