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Business BLAB - How To Manage Your Time

Sometimes we may feel like time is not on our side, but I’m here to tell you that we can change that. How? By getting very clear on what time management means to us, and taking back control of our time! When we spiral through our days, we often feel overwhelmed, miss important tasks, or finish the day feeling like we accomplish absolutely nothing! Here are some of my best tips to manage YOUR time, and live your days productively, accomplished, and being a total boss!

Set priorities- When we look at all the things we have to get done it can feel like everything is the most important thing, but that isn’t the case. When I’m struggling with how to figure out what is most important, I like to think of all of my tasks as balls flying around in the air… and some of the balls are plastic and some of the balls are glass… And I imagine myself juggling these balls and dropping them. Which balls will shatter and which balls will just roll away fine? The shattering balls are where your priorities are. Now, this is helpful for us visual gals out there, and if that isn’t your jam there are other ways to decided what is a top priority. Is there a deadline? Is it something you’ve been putting on the backburner? Is it going to bring you money? When you step back and separate the tasks it is easier to see where those priorities lay.

Work backwards- What is your main goal? For the day, the month, the quarter… depending on your planning, start with the main goal and figure out the tasks you need to do to get there. When you have a clear vision or goal, it makes it much easier to use your time wisely to execute the steps it takes to get to that goal. If you’re doing this daily think about planning out your priorities and appointments first, then plug in the rest around those things.

Batch tasks- As busy moms, business owners, and everything in between, we all may have some tasks that are never-ending but always need to be taken care of. And that is where batching tasks come in! Chunk out some time to do emails, respond to dms, or admin work. Plan out time to batch your content, plan your social media, or do market research. Finding like tasks to lump together will save you more time than you think! And, if something comes up during the day that fits into those batches- see if it can wait for the time you have set aside so your whole day doesn’t derail!

Establish boundaries- I’ll keep this one simple…. Learn to say NO! If you don’t, your time will never be yours to manage. We all need downtime, so please do not overfill your plate!

Track your time- Raise your hand if you have ever said “there is just not enough time in the day”... and yes, this can be very very true… but, there is a chance there is a lot of time we are just wasting. I challenge you to take a few days and track how you are using your time. You may be surprised! Often, we spend more time than we think just pacing around trying to figure out what to do next, the mindless scroll, or other things that just aren’t serving us. Apps like toggle are great to do this, or even just a good ol fashion pen and paper.

Lists, lists, and more lists- If you’re anything like me, your brain may feel like it’s bogged down with all the things. This isn’t helping you, your clients, or your time! So, use the power of lists and get it out! Brain dump, write down what you need to do, categorize your lists by work-home-family, just get yourself organized!

Eliminate distractions- When you sit down to work, make sure you’re really focused on your work! A great tip that I’ve learned from a lovely mentor (Heather Simpson) is to turn your phone on DND while you’re working. Turn off notifications, turn off incoming emails, and close out your social media pages! If possible, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, and make sure that there are no temptations around to distract you! A lot of us have very limited time to get it done, so make sure your precious time isn’t being filled with distractions.

Outsource- Just a friendly reminder you don’t have to do it all alone! If you aren’t in the place to outsource in your business just yet, think of other places you could bring in support. Housework, child care, grocery delivery… you have so much support waiting for you to utilize! It’s OK to ask for help!

Start your day off in control- This is a big one, and one that many (most) of us may not be doing! Two key things have helped me take control of my days, and I think these will help you too! 1. Plan your day the day before. Make a to-do list centered around your priorities, review your schedule, know what to expect, be ready for what’s to come. 2. DO NOT grab your phone when you first wake up! Instead, do something for yourself and start your day stress-free. I promise you, this will change your life!

Start using these tips and time will be back on your side!

I want to hear from you!! Which one of these tips stands out the most? And what do you do to take control of your time? Let me know, because we could all use some help managing our valuable time!

Until next time, stay bossy!


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