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Business BLAB - How to Use Instagram Reels

Ah, Instagram… they have to take everything and make it their own. I have such a love/hate relationship with the gram’... but if you’re going to be using this app, you’ve got to get on board with REELS! Reels are basically Instas take on TikTok videos. And in case that still isn’t ringing a bell, I’m talking short-format videos.

Short format videos are taking over marketing, and Instagram is being especially picky about us using them. So, I’m here to help! Let’s break down what they are and how they can help your business! Here are some of the most common questions I get about reels:

What are they and how do use them? Reels are a great way to be creative and show your audience a different side of who you are. You can be silly, share tips, or even offer promotions through these short videos. Just like TikTok, you can add music and find trending sounds to get more exposure.

What kind of reels to make? Reels are mostly used to do these three things: Inspire, Educate, or Entertain

How often should you post a reel? The answer depends on how often you are using the app. Ideally, Insta wants to see MULTIPLE reels per week, but some are better than none. The key is, like everything, to be consistent. Posting 4 reels one week and nothing for months is going to do more harm than good. Whatever you can do, make sure you keep it up!

Do I have to dance? Nope! You don’t have to do anything that isn’t true to who you are! You can use trending sounds and do something completely different than what everyone else is doing. The best part of reels is that your get to share a side of yourself that people don’t see for a standing photo. So have fun with it and be yourself!

What’s the benefit? Besides society’s short attention span and keeping things short for them, Insta seems to be really pushing reels into the algorithm. You can have a reel go viral as easily as you can on TikTok and really grow your audience. You can add the reels to your grid, or not, and drive tons of organic traffic to your account!

Can I just copy my TikTok videos? Yes and no! You can definitely repurpose your TikTok videos, but be careful of the TikTok watermark. Insta won’t push your reel out as much if it has the watermark. You can get around this with the app to download your TikTok video and remove the mark before you post!

….Do I have to? Sadly, the answer is yes! Reels aren’t going anywhere! And neither is short format video. So give yourself some grace as you learn, be creative, have fun, and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!

I’m pretty new to reels myself, and really only have the capacity to commit to one reel per week. It’s been a learning curve, but I’m having fun coming up with different content that is making me feel happy! I love being able to show up in a new way for my audience, and some of the trends are actually really fun!

Until next time, stay bossy!


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